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The next pages provide recommendations, suggestions and tips about Dublin nightlife, clubs and pubs, including advice on dress code, access and transport. It is written by my excellent Dublin pals, Andy, Brian, Stef and Owen. I knew all that investment in booze, ironed trousers and Nightbus tickets would come in useful lads...!

One striking difference between life in Britain and life in Ireland is the time that people work and play. British folk tend to rise and sleep much earlier than Irish people. Ireland's capital is a hive of activity in the evening and night and clubs stay open until the early hours, especially at weekends. We Irish are creatures of the night and you need to know your nightlife to have fun in Dublin!

If you're single don't count on picking up your future Irish husband, wife or partner at a Dublin club. Of course it happens sometimes but most people are there to get extremely drunk, enjoy the music and company and have a lot of craic. Dublin's central south-city club area, Temple Bar, can be mayhem and very loud at times but you have to experience it! You might also be interested to read Andrew Quin's review of the most hidden and best club in Dublin, the Gaiety.

This guide trys to provide some alternatives to the city centre clubs, particularly Temple Bar. Many of the suggestions are still within walking distance of the city centre - this used to be an issue before taxis were deregulated and it used to be quite difficult to get one after closing time. I recommend at least one visit to the pubs and bars of suburban Dublin (some have clubs attached); for a chance to meet some real Dubs try Rathmines (only 5 kilometres from the centre) or Dun Laoghaire (easy access on the DART).

This section covers:

what to wear | city centre nightclubs | avoid these ones | getting around at night by taxi and bus | DART and surburban trains | various clubs | check my pubs guide | how to chat up an Irish girl

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