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What to wear and what not to wear

You won't get past the door of some clubs if you're wearing the wrong type of clothing. Here are some tips from the experts:

  • The best bet is to wear smart casual. Jeans and T-Shirt will not gain entry to Lillies but may pass for some of the clubs in Temple Bar (Brian).
  • You'll manage it in jeans - trainers are frowned upon. Ladies don't really get stopped, only the hapless fellas get grief. They need to wear shoes. I don't know why, the pubs are rubbish (Andy).

Following an enquiry to the site about indie/rock venues in Dublin (avoiding Temple Bar where possible), I include the following recommendations and otherwise from my pals, starting with Conor:

  • Doyles, Fleet St
  • Hogans, Georges St
  • Temple Bar Music Centre
  • The Globe, Georges St (Can be very trendy but usually don't play euro pop/r&b crap)
  • Thing mote (moet), Suffolk St
  • The Porter House, Parliament St (not very studenty but good beer and music)

Thanks a bunch, Conor O'Dwyer!

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