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Dun Laoghaire area

Blackrock: Stef suggests you get out of the city centre and sample the delighted of Dublins southside, particularly since Blackrock is on the DART: Wicked Wolf: This pub is a nice pub with wooden surrounding (Furniture). The atmosphere is great and the public are all ages and this pub is a late night pub. I think it bar closes at around 12.30 am in the morning on a Friday and Saturday (I don't really know what time they finish on a Saturday).

After a night of relaxation and quenching your thirst with the beer and you are hungry for a bite to eat, there are a few chippers and diners only a stagger away (to my surprise). This area might be small and quiet but it is very easy to get a Taxi. There are a number of pubs scattered around this 500 metre town like the PlayWright, Tonic [ex-"Missing Swan"], Wishing Well, O' Rourkes, Avoca Bar and Breffni Bar. [SE] NEW

Graduate - Glenageary, Co Dublin [on the DART]. This is in Co Dublin if you leave near Glenageary. 2 Floors - bottom floor is a normal pub with ample seats and a lot of room with a wide range of beer/wine and pub food. 2nd floor is a night club  with a cocktale bar and beer bar.

Rathfarnham - five miles south of city centre

Yellow House - local pub in Rathmines, Late night bar and all age types are in the pub, There is no night club here, but there is the Sara Cairns in the village about 2 minutes away. The Yellow house has one main floor which is the pub itself but the other two floors can be booked for 21st or any other parties like engagements etc and have bars in each floor. But these floors are for private functions only. [SE] NEW


I hadn't realised that 'snug' is not a widely used term. It means a small room or division, typically off a lounge or bar, where one may drink in a little more privacy and quiet. Most snugs have about 3-4 tables and are operated on a first-come, first-served basis. There is (normally) no extra charge for using the snug - it's simply a feature of the pub! You might find all kinds of business happening here - financial, leisure and even matters of the heart!

Pubs in Dun Laoghaire and Rathfarnham

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