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Turk's Head - Temple Bar. A Bar with Night club - the bar is averaged sized with a nice space with a lot of movement. As per usual you have to come early for seats. When the night club opens there is plenty of space with many levels and places to sit down and there is no shortage of bars to get some liquid into you if you feel thirsty. This place (night club) is big and very popular with a nice decent crowd and if it's the first time to go there, it is easy to get lost! Whatever sex you are, there is plenty of talent around in this place. One of the most popular places in Temple Bar. Many thanks, Stef (Engemann).

Lillies is manky (very, very bad). No people with personalities are allowed in. Temple bar is neat dress. Some nice characters can be found in The Norseman, The Oak, Brogans. All these are just pubs but The Oak has a late bar and a bit of dancing in the basement. Oak and Brogans are actually on Dame Street at Parliament st. That has just reminded me of The Porterhouse on Parliament Street, they brew their own beer. U2 own the Kitchen nightclub. There's no dress code here, but get there about 11.30 to get in. Very druggy crowd. Not bad if you don't mind wasted people smiling at you.Afterwards, a hot dog from Rasher Brown's, or something like that is a cullinary treat (I can't spell cullinary). Remember, the more you drink, the better the places get (Andy 'I don't drink' Lakes).




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Dublin clubs: Turk's Head and Lillie Bordellos

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