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My thanks once again for this idea to my pal Richard Langois from Detroit, USA and to the good people at World-Link House. The idea is simple and lots of fun! INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Open this web page [] - there are live views from a Dublin street. Copy the url to your mailing programme ready to be sent.
  2. Tell your friends/relatives that you intend to be at these cameras at a certain day and time. Don't forget to allow for local time (which is GMT= 0 hours) and try to aim for daylight hours. If you forget, you can always go into World-Link House (see map on next page) and give them a quick phone call.
  3. Make sure your viewers don't call out air-sea rescue if you don't appear

Mad things to do in front of the camera

(remember the image updates every 15 seconds or so):


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