Before they visit, many people look at a map of Ireland and see how small it appears. Indeed, the total area of the island is a mere 84, 421 square kilometres (32,595 square miles) and the greatest length is a paltry 486 k (302 miles) - it evokes the old joke about a Texan and Irish farmer having a conversation.

Texan: "Back home it takes me a day to drive from one end of my farm to the other"

Irish farmer: "Ah sure, I had a car like that once!" [reference to farmer's idea of a typical Irish car]

However, there is so much to see in our land and once outside the city, the place and speed of life slows down considerably. Off the main 'N' roads or motorways, road speed is remarkably lower than those in many other European countries. One of the most pleasurable experiences is in driving down an Irish 'boreen', that is, a road wide enough only for the width of one car!

This section of the site persuades you to (a) extend your holiday time if you want to see more Ireland or (b) try to cover less area than you intend.

Additionally, you might like to combine your visit with a special event; this site specialises in recommending alternative and more unusual events.

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