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Getting around at night: taxi tips and Nightbuses

It's usually quite safe to stagger back to your hotel or B&B in Dublin's city centre providing you don't navigate along alley ways and lanes. However, if you're not staying within crawling distance of town, then you'll need some expert advice from Stef:

Bus sevices are quite frequent into town in all areas especially until 11.30pm approx. (Sat & Sun are less frequent). The night life is great especially temple bar area where there is a vast variety of pubs catering for everybody's taste. The most popular beers are Heineken, Budwiser and Guinness. Prices range from 6 Euro upwards depending which place you are in. The Night buses [NiteLink] operate Monday through Wednesday at 00.30 and 02.00, leaving from the triangle formed by Westmorland Street, College Green and D'Olier Street. Routes follow most main roads out of Dublin and cost 4 Euro, except for a few longer distance routes (buy your ticket from the special bus on-site at Westmorland Street). On Thursday through Saturday they leave every 20 minutes from 00.30 to 04.00 (except for the longer distance routes which operate less frequently). [updated 9 Dec 2002].

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Dublin at night: Getting around by taxi and bus

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