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  • Thursdays - Phantom FM have a night in the Temple Bar Theatre. The night is called Phantasm. Mad music (Pixies/Nirvana) You might want to check to see if this is still on.
  • HUB in Temple Bar. Heard that it was good, but there might be knackers there on loads of drugs.

Can't think of anywhere else to go.

Avoid the following places like the plague:

  • The Quays - The doormen are buffoons
  • Club M - really really awful.
  • Boomerangs - worse.
  • Break for the Border - if you like line dancing.
  • Flannerys - If you like line dancers
  • Fitzsimmons - full of hens and stags
  • Judge Roy Beans - Ignorant doormen. Be ready for an interrogation!

Look at Dawson Street to see the mega expensive pubs full of absolute !@#$$!!!!. Dress code seems to be Ben Sherman shirts and ignorant executives out to be ignorant for the night. Can you guess if I like it or not.

Alternatively, your friends could go to my house for some hot action. I'd have to ask my mam if it was alright.

Many thanks, Andy Lakes!


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