RTE onlline

Even better news from our national broadcaster - you can listen to the RTE radio stations through the internet.


Irish sport broadcasting worldwide (14 Nov. 2004)

Great news for UK and European residents; RTE radio 1 is now transmitting on Long wave at 250khz. More success for Senator OToole and other protagonists!

Thanks to Senator Joe O'Toole, I have recently heard that RTE (Irish Broadcasting service) is available through satellite receivers, enabling many to hear sporting coverage and other Irish coverage for the first time. Here are some brief details: Europe: Sky digital broadcast RTE radio and other stations. Hotbird 5 transmits RTE radio 1 (but hotbird is a subscription-based service). North America and Mexico: World radio network receives Hotbird services including RTE on Telestar 5. Africa, Middle East, Western Asia requires Intelsat 707 (1 degree W). Asia and Australia: Asiasat 2 (100.5 degrees E).

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We Irish are a sporting lot and love nothing better than a contest against two equally-sided teams, a book (for gambling) and a lot of action! Dublin is actually full of hidden sporting action known mainly to natives. Our sports supporters are famous the world over for being great craic, mega-enthiastic and (above-all) trouble-free. Why not come to see some of these sports in action? Our native sport, GAA, is probably one you might never have seen. Our other passion is horse racing and there is a little information about buying Irish horses! For cycling as a sport and commuting, see my Dublin cycling guide.

Famous Irish sporting heroes include George Best (soccer), Ronnie Delaney (athletics), Roy Keane (soccer), Mary Peters (athletics), Johnnie Giles (soccer), Stephen Roche (cycling), Sean Kelly (cycling), Nicky English (GAA) and many more.

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