Click on any thumbnail in order to see full size and a brief description. Sincere thanks to Fiona Cassidy for pictures 20-23; copyright for these pictures rests with her. Pictures taken from Oct 2003 - Jan 2004. Most of these pictures depict the Green line, running from St Stephen's Green to Sandyford. Of particular interest is the Atlas track machine, as well as the fairmont tamper. Dundrum station building does not form part of the Luas facilities; it is still in private hands. None of the original station buildings on the DSER alignment are officially connected with the Luas project; light rail is designed for frequent service and a minimum of waiting time for passengers/customers.



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22. Sandyford stop

20. Luas tram interior

21. Sandyford stop with trams

23. Tram at Open day

24. Track machine at Dundrum

25. Track machine


28. Atlas at Dundrum

26. View towards Ballally

27. Taney bridge


29. Track machine

30. Rails at Dundrum

31. Sandyford stop


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