Click on any thumbnail in order to see full size and a brief description. Pictures taken during July - October 2003. The majority portray construction on the red line - the complete alignment was built from scratch. The most difficult sections were in the city centre, including James's Street and particularly Abbey Street. Public utility service pipes and cables were methodically mapped and removed, resulting in a lot of disruption, disturbance to business and dirt. It was during this period that Luas's critics were at their most vocal. Of interest is the alignment along the course of the Guinness branch of the Grand canal; the canal had been abandoned and the light rail formed a most suitable replacement of a public space.


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10. Towards Fatima

8.Guinness branch

9.South Circular Road bridge

13. James's Street

11. James's hospital

12. James's Street

16. O'Connell Street

14. James Street

15. Stevens Lane

17. Lwr Abbey Street

18. The Oval

19. Luas tram controls

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