This driving tour is not theoretical - we drove every kilometre/mile of the route. It is based upon Cork, being the European capital of culture city for 2005. The car was hired and left at Cork airport; it might be possible to use Shannon as a collection or drop-off point. If anything was learned by this experience, it was that Irish country roads are gloriously fun to drive, as long as you leave plenty of time.

General tips:

It's well worth buying good area maps, particularly if you are intending to keep off the beaten track. The signeage can be variable as you will see; in Co. Limerick the B&B owner informed us that the local children delight in turning the signs! You can always sell your maps on e-bay on your return home if you don't want them as souvenirs.

[Signpost on the Beara peninsula - one of the few remaining signs in miles, rather than kilometres]


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