Driving tips for Ireland 01

You may find some of the following useful; many thanks to Andi Micheli for inspiring them: Road safety in Ireland is regulated by the Department of Transport, Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the National Roads Authority (NRA).

Speed limits, introduced between 18-20 January and effective from 20 January, 2005, mean that all speed restriction signs are in kilometres rather than miles. Additionally, former speed restrictions have been adjusted and amended as follows:

Keeping to the speed limit:

Visitors to Ireland often wonder how the local drivers are not caught speeding more frequently. They appear to be driving at least 10k over the limit at any time, sometimes more. There are a few factors to be considered: Ireland does not have a network of fixed speed cameras, although there are many mobile units. While it is not necessary to notify drivers of the presence of a speed camera, Irish drivers can often spot the telltale signs, typically the white Ford (or other large) transit van parked a little off the road with concealed rear window panels.

There are a few considerations for visiting drivers:


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