1000: Left Tarbert for Foynes, 13 miles/17k on the N69. I recommend a visit to the Flying boat museum in Foynes; the audio-visual film is excellent and instructive. You will learn about the president of Ireland's clever decision to allow various countries to stop in Ireland, resulting in the compulsory stop in Shannon (which was only revoked in 1999, I think). There is no actual flying boat, although you can see the remains of the Sunderland flying boat [above] which crashed in the mountain above Dingle. I understand that the museum plans to obtain a flying boat by the end of 2005 or 2006.


1200: Left Foynes for nearby Adare. While this is Ireland's most picturesque village, it is extremely commercial and I would avoid it in future. Had coffee there but wouldn't recommend it, particularly in summer.


1300: Left Adare for B, taking the direct N20. Our pals had not been to Blarney castle, an easy drive off the main road.


1500: Arrived at Blarney, finding it a nightmare to get to the car park. It is obviously much better to arrived by coach!


1630: Left Blarney for nearby Cork city; even though we took the north ring road, we hit the evening traffic.


1800: Arrived at Dunkettle and checked in to the Ibis, Cork. Not the easiest to find - watch for the exit slip after the junction with the Dublin road/Lee tunnel roundabout.

Drove into Cork and spent the evening there; firstly in an excellent Italian restaurant and then in a pub for drinks. Again, there is plenty of choice for all tastes and budgets.



[the newspaper cutting reminds us that Dublin was bombed by the Germans during the 2nd World War. It was probably accidental although it is also thought it may have been deliberate, due to Dublin's importance as a port]


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