More great offerings from Gerry Moore of Dublin - thanks pal!

  • head case = someone who goes over the top sometimes, it can be used in a negative or positive form depending on the incident
  • it's your shout = phrase to reminding a friend its his turn to shout at the barman for the next round of drinks/or the tides gone out = an empty glass
  • penny for your thoughts = asking someone what they are thinking
  • he's a bit of an odd ball = describes a person who is a little strange and to be wary of
  • ayarite = said quickly, simply means are you all right, ready to to do something or go somewhere. dubliners seem to have a knack for condensing 4 or 5 words into one which is what I love so much about being a dub!

A great new batch from Gerry Moore from Dublin and more next week:

  • he's a good oul skin = someone who's trustworthy
  • he would take the milk out of your tea/he would take the eye out of your head and come back for the other one = (describes some one who cannot be trusted without ripping you off)

Conan, from the newly-declared Peoples Independent Republic of Tallaght (Dublin) send this:

  • I'll bate (beat) the be-jaysis out of ya! = you can start running now

Here's a lovely Irish saying from new contributor Conor from Ireland:

  • That's your weather for ya now! = This is exclaimed as a statement of fact only on one of those rare good/sunny days in Ireland. It can be used as a greeting or acknowledgement by by-passers.


A class posting from Ian Watson living in Canada, although he says it came from his grandad who was English:

  • something isn't big/strong/fast/etc enough to flag a wheelbarrow = it is substandard or not much use

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