Lots of new Irish guest sayings this week. Firstly, thanks to Maria:

  • sure it would be worse if the donkey was dead on the turf was still in the bog = things are bad but they could be a lot worse!!!

Elizabeth Spicer-Mullen sends this famous one:

  • only massive! = its great/really nice

This one is anonymous - thanks friend!

The head on you and the price of turnips! = said to person that is not looking their best...often hungover.

Another anon saying from a Dub:

  • Are you dancing or is it just the way your standing? = do you want to dance?!
  • This one from Liz in Ireland:
  • He'd lick it off a scabby leg = he's fond of drink

Some new sayings from true blue Dubs this week - thanks, lads: Firstly, dara:

  • Whats the crack = means how are you doing

johnny mac from the fermot, a famous enclave in Dublin's west side:

muppet = idiot tin roofer = liar cream cracker = knacker story witcha = hello, hows it goin etc... have a few soups = have a few drinks I'll streel outta yeh! = girls version of I'll kick the bejaysus outta yeh! your ma! = response to a slaggin from someone you dont know

One sent from the USA but heard on Irish radio:

  • get out that garden and take that donkey with ye = get out here and take that other eejit with ye!

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