A lovely entry this week from Fintan Mealia from Canada for which I thank him:

  • If you fall don't wait to pick yourself up = Don't delay yourself

I am thrilled when people from a long way off read these pages. Mauricio from Brazil, kindly sends the following classic Dub saying:

  • Jaysus, that's cat! = it's bad/terrible

Jeff Jones from the true centre of Dublin, Moore Street, kindly sends this classic:

  • giz a drag of yizzer cancer stick = can i have a drag (smoke) of your cigarette?

A welcome new entrants from Ireland this week. The first from Caroline Jones (Dublin):

  • the face of that and the price of fish = somebody with a miserable face or unhappy

Here's an anonymous Irish expression I haven't heard (03.03.03):

  • Pull your head in / Wind your neck in = calm down, stop what you're saying.

Gus Birch from Dublin kindly sent this common Dub description:

  • Louser = rotten scoundrel

Regular Jeanne Bryan sends this cute saying from Texas - thanks as usual Jeanne!

  • She thinks she's a cream puff and everybody wants a bite= she thinks she is the prettiest and smartest person walking

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