Eamo from Dublin sends a great phrase:

  • my mongoose stole my penguin = (a well known dublin saying as an excuse for not going out)

Some great new sayings - firstly, Laura in Amsterdam says her Dub boyfriend says these!

  • "Not a child in the house washed" = I'm up to my neck in things to do and way behind
  • "thick as two planks" = not the sharpest knife in the drawer (i.e. stupid)
  • Don Liamo from Ireland kindly sends this:
  • scobie = North Dublin phrase for a rather nasty tough council-dwelling-estate kid. Also the name of Don's band

New contributor Carolyn Carr (Dub) kindly sends this:

  • Oim goin' dowen t' de boozer for a gargle = I'm off to the pub for a pint

Rob from Ireland very kindly sends this:

  • Scanger = a weasly teenager who invariably hangs around in groups of at least ten, wears shell suits, Nike Air Max, sovereign rings and cheap gold chains. The male of the species often wears a peaked baseball cap at a ridiculous angle. Can be found on street corners, back of buses and hanging around outside off-licences.

Here's a great bit of Scottish banter thanks to Jenni Wilson - can you work it out before reading the translation?!   

1. Do you want yer heed in yer hauns tae play wi? 2.Aww.....gads!! 3.Gonna no..... dae that   4.cos yer nipping ma heed. 5.Get tae... =   If someone is picking their nose in public the response may be 2. If that isn't enough to stop them then  person may try a pleading 3. The nose picker says "How no?" The person would say an annoyed 4. The nose picker gets annoyed at the other person getting annoyed and may say a sharp 5. The person would now be squaring up to the nose picker and may enquire using Q1. The resulting fight would be pepper dashed with expletives and insults about sisters, mothers and cousins but the initial reason for the fight would be lost in the furore!

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