Firstly from Phil (Dublin):

  • I'd say you danced at your mothers wedding = you're a bit of a bastard. [ouch - ed.].

Secondly, two from Siobhan (Ireland):

  • Begrugger = person who suffers from envy
  • Do you think I came down the liffey on a bike? = When somebody is hard to believe

Orla (ireland) sends these Dub words:

  • young wan (one) = kid- 20's female
  • Young f'la (fella) = kid- 20's male

These were kindly sent by Anthony (Ireland):

  • Ah, you're an awful man... = Usually used as a expression of gratitude in return for a favour such as buying a drink for someone or similar.
  • It's far from (whatever..) he/she was reared = Usually taken to imply that he/she came from humble origins, and is not used to the finer things in life...

Here's a great word from tez in Limerick who says "Its a world apart - never mind a country!"

  • tackies = trainers (shoes)

Jared from the USA sends this variation on 'top drawer' - many thanks!

Top Shelf = Of the highest quality. Can be applied to anything. Originates from the practice of bars putting the most expensive spirits on the top shelf where it is easiest to see.

Robyn kindly sends a famous Irish saying - many thanks:

  • Your one = Refers to any female (not necessarily girlfriend). "When I saw you in town with your one"
  • Your man = The same as above but referring to any male (not necessarily boyfriend)

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