Mairead (Ireland):

To put something on the long finger =to put off doing something, a kind of celtic "manana".

Freddy Hawkins from Dublin :

  • Dont be there till you're back again =Don't take all day
  • Where would ya be goin up Corkhill without a whip =You should do things properly
  • Yer an auld slieveeen =you're a sneak, crafty person

Mick Clinton (irl):

Yurr.!! as "Handy" as a "Little Pocket" in a "Waist Coat" = very Helpful

Smiler from Derry sends these:

Your heads a marley = you're talking rubbish when in Derry

Up a tree in Rosemount = answer to question of where are you going to/coming from when person doesn't want to reply. Rosemount is an area in Derry

Gary (Ireland, he thinks) sends this famous one:

it's raining cats and dogs = it is lashing, heavy rain (NOT a 'soft' day!)

Catherine Murphy (Ireland) sends this useful retort:

get the boat! = said in response to an unreasonable request, eg, "will ya lend us a tenner?"

More violence I'm afraid, this time from Kerebear (Ireland): Give ya a hidin = A few slaps/smacks, to a child

Glenn from Dublin sends this one - thanks, pal:

Do you wanna wake up with a crowd 'round ya? = A threat. I'll knock you unconscious, and a crowd will form around you. [Don't try this at home! - ed.]

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