Deirdre (ireland): get yourself a bottle of cop on = act sensibly, come to your senses etc...

Craigo (Dublin): deadly buzz = something of great enjoyment. eg; It was a deadly buzz at your one's 18th.

come 'ere = ('ere pronounced ear) listen to me, usually followed by a question. eg; come 'ere where you at your one's 18th

talk ta ya after = a way of saying goodbye or see you later. eg; alright then talk ta ya after

George Skipworth (USA) sends these sayings from the Pacific NW (Oregon and Washington (rural) believed to be of Irish origin:

We're suckin' pond water = "The situation is going badly" [compare with the modern Irish "you're sucking diesel", ed.]

We're golden = The situation is going very well

Are ya waiting for it to get ripe? = waiting behind an automobile that won't move on a green light

He's only got one oar in the water = Not in full control of one's mental faculties

Anon (Ireland):

Is that the queer one? = is that your/his/her girl/wife/spouse?

Finally, a famous Irish saying from ex-Dub Tom O'Shea (left Ireland aged 12 but forever Irish!):

Wet the tea = make a cup of tea by wetting the tealeaves in the teapot

Ann (Dublin):

e've a face only yer mother could love = an ugly or unattractive child

Then Katelin:

Ireland Go Breath! = Ireland beautiful!



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