Entertainment: Classical concerts

Concerts are listed on Aertel p370 and are updated frequently. 'NCH' is our National Concert Hall at Earlsfort Terrace [see map section P-54 ]; it's just off Stephen's Green to the south. At lunchtimes during term (late September - early June), the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama hold lunchtime concerts at their Rathmines and Kevin St establishment. These used to be free - if not, then a small fee will be charged. Many of these young performers will graduate into orchestras (Irish and European) and also become solo performers. The Royal Irish Academy of Music in Westland Row also hold lunchtime and evening concerts and I will post details when I receive them.

The casual visitor can also attend lunchtime concerts in the Music School of Trinity College Dublin on Wednesdays at 1310 during term. There is a small charge for non-members and are well worth attending. Be warned that TCD terms are short - 9 weeks from the start of October, 9 from the start of January and 4 from about Holy Week (usually early/mid April). Note that the websites of all three institutions do not contain listings of concerts; however, the RIAM are upgrading their site.

Concerts are also held in St. Anne's church, Dawson Street during Thursday lunchtime (1300) from September - June. Organ recitals are frequently held in the Pro-Cathedral during the summer, and St. Patrick's Cathedral usually have a lunchtime series also. Both series feature Irish and international artistes. The best summer series in the area is Sunday evenings in St. Michael's church, Dun Laoghaire (on the DART) and hosts the most prominent Irish and international organists.

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