Workers on frieze, Sunlight chambers

Floozie in the jacuzzi (Anna Livia)

Dunlop and world's first tyre (tire)

Detail of plaque of Dunlop's achievement

Huguenot cemetery, Merrion Street, Dublin

Aerial view of Dublin

Jamieson distillery, Bow Lane

Names of families in Huguenot cemetery


This page should be entitled 'Disappearing Dublin'! The floozie is no longer in the public space on O'Connell Street; another disappearance is the Dunlop building which was demolished. Nobody seems to tend the Huguenot cemetery on a regular basis although it was redesigned as 'low maintainance' in recent years. Even the aerial view of Dublin, taken from the Guinness Storehouse 'Gravity bar', has changed since 2001. Click on any thumbnail in order to see full size and a brief description. (10 January 2007).


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