Abbey Street, Dublin with Luas tram and Dublin bus


This photo was taken from the Luas platform, showing an approaching Tallaght-bound tram and a Dublin bus heading towards Amiens Street. This shot was taken mid-morning in March, 2005; you can see that Luas achieves a good frequency by the "tram due" display ("Due, "Tallaght 5", "Tallaght 12"). The poster is advertising the Luas Smart card, a swipe card designed to avoid the need for ticket machines.

The catenary is quite discreet when compared to that on the DART system. You can also see the height of the Luas platforms in this photo. Finally, not how the various modes of transport can mix without causing problems - one of the chief potential problems cited by Luas cynics was that it would cause traffic to gridlock. This photo shows that not to be the case; you can even see bicycles locked to the barriers!

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