River Nore Kilkenny, with floating floral advertising barge

JS: In the spring the River Nore comes alive with floating flower displays, counterpointing the ancient presence of Kilkenny Castle...it was taken in mid August to the northeast (?) of the town. I dont know the bridge it was taken at, but I wanted my own picture taken there when I got there. I asked this fine-looking couple to snap a shot of me which they kindly did. When I asked where they were from, they said Pomona, California, not too far from me. All that way to have an American couple snap a shot - I sorta wished an Irish couple had taken it.

Ed: Jim always looks for the unusual in his pictures; I like the colourful houses on the river bank and the tranquility of the river. The banner on the barge reads: 'Entente Florale Kilkenny 2006'.

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