Death of Innocence Mural in Derry, Northern Ireland

JS: Derry city. The gable commemorating the murder of the little girl that started the bloodshed which lasted years. You may notice the rifle upside down, finally reporting peace. When I saw it first years earlier it was not painted in, due to the lack of reconciliation at that time.

Ed: This is a potent and powerful statement and reminder of the troubles in Northern Ireland. For all Irish people the girl's green uniform indicates only one thing - that she is Catholic. Typically, convent school uniforms are this bottle green colour. Annette McGavigan, an innocent 14-year-old girl, was shot by a British soldier in 1971 in Derry's Bogside. I really like this painting since it reminds us of our past history - lessons to be learnt by all involved, and the broken gun represents a change from violence to peace (originally the gun was intact).

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