Irish cable car - get there before it's too late!

Get there soon....

These pictures reveal the extreme experience to be experienced on a unique cable car in the south west of Ireland. Since 'modernisation' the car is operated by the local authority, Cork County Coucil, for a minimum fee. The pictures reveal the excitment to be had in a trip...but get there before it's too late and they replace it with some shiny aluminum boring thing.


Being a family site we were not able to show the shocking pictures of:

  • sheep droppings in the cabin
  • woodlice and other small insects having a party in the window sills
  • an assult on our nose from fertiliser and mutton

Details of how to experience this outrage are available from the links below.


Car takes six people maximum, so be prepared to wait if it's busy. More horrifying pictures...>


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Death-defying cable car continues to operate