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Paul Gough, Dublin): Shur yiv a grate vice fer sellin papers = "Excuse me I hope that you don't me saying so but your singing is terrible" [Comes from the days when Dublin had many newspaper vendors who would shout out the names of the newspapers that they sold]

Gobshite or a worse eejit = self explanatory

Banjaxed =broken

Were ya born in a field? =Close the door

Culchie =Country man / Non-Dubliner

Mortified/morto =embarrased

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SUPERSTITIONS (1 October 2012) (many thanks to Jeanne Bryan for this idea)

Ireland is still quite a superstitious place and the 'Celtic tiger' has barely dented this image! Here are some superstitions from Ireland - I'm sure many of these are not exclusive:

  • When a child loses a tooth, it is customary to place it under his/her pillow before going to sleep. The following morning the 'Tooth Fairy' will have replaced the tooth with a coin or money. In the last century it used to be a six pence piece, but these days I think the minimum is a euro!
  • "Third time lucky..."= common superstitous saying, probably biblical or even before... NEW
  • Don't open an umbrella indoors - brings bad luck (how do you dry it then?)
  • You spill the salt - throw it over your left shoulder (otherwise you'll have bad luck)
  • You find a coin - give it to someone else and you'll have good luck
  • You see a ladder ahead - don't walk under it or you'll have bad luck
  • You break a mirror - seven years bad luck
  • You see one magpie(s) - the poem goes "One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl and four for a boy"! Magpies tend to be seen in pairs - they tend to keep their partners for life
  • You walk around the "Black" church three times - you'll meet the devil himself! The "black church" is a protestant church in Dublin's northside.

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