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Files and data relating to public transport in Ireland incl. Luas from the Dept of Public enterprise. You can also download their excellent Light Rail Review from February 2002.


Anyone interested in Irish Railways, both north and south, should subscribe to the free newsletter, Irish Railway News [search in groups on www.msn.com]. Their Newsletter is packed with up-to-date and informed information about rail - recent revelations include the scandalous handling of secondary passenger and fright lines. They are also developing an associated website with pictures and features as well as archived Newsletters.

Iarnrod Eireann Home Page

News page is useful, especially in times of crisis (2000 has seen a lot of disruption, including industrial unrest. If you're intending to rely on the railways during your visit to Ireland, check this site for the latest news). Not much enthusiast info here but there is an online timetable.


Dublin's light rail system - Luas (see also Luas tips)

I'm delighted to see that this site is up and running, giving very useful details of the construction of the Tallaght - Red Cow section and photographs of work at Sandyford. There are technical pages as well as other useful data and a news page. However they don't seem to update it on a regular basis. More up-to-date news may be found on the website of the Light Rail Transit Association.


Campaign for Light Rail for Canberra, Australia

They seem to have encountered a lot of similar resistance that Luas faced and we hope they can convince everyone and built a system as successful as Luas.


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