Luas is an efficient and easy way in which to travel through Dublin. Due to its popularity, obtaining tickets at Luas stations can be a time-consuming process. Here are some tips and observations to help you:

  • Buy tickets in advance because (a) they are cheaper and (b) save time queuing and operating ticket machines.
  • Luas tickets are generally available from shops (often convenience shops, newsagents, etc.) near each stop. A full list may be found on the Luas site.
  • Tickets are cheaper than at ticket machines, for example, the Flexi-1 day Luas only ticket is 4 Euro from retailers and 4.50 Euro at ticket machine. The 1 day ticket means you don't have to worry about zones and can use any Luas at any time.
  • If you have to use a ticket, remember that you can use any machine in each station. It is worth checking if the machine on the less-busy platform is free; people tend to queue at the machine on the platform from which they will depart. Obviously, check for trams before you leap across platforms and cross at the end of platforms, not in the middle.

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Stay at the Ibis Dublin, beside the Red Cow stop of the Luas Red Line (enter Dublin into the site below)

Tram entering Connolly with International Financial Services behind

Train, bus and tram in Dublin 6