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Stillorgan Night Life (Stillorgan is five miles from the city) (April 2003)

"Pubs: Orchard. This place is a Restaurant & Late night bar. Pints are a bit under 4 euro. For example a pint of the black stuff is 3.95 euro. Opposite the road is Blake's pub/Night club/Restaurant but Bouncers are strict (no casual clothes, especially runners etc). Also there is the Mill house pub which is quite big with very ample room and beer is the normal price. Food outlets are plenty for the hungry with a lot of restaurants of all types beside the Orchard pub and also there is the local chipper close to AIB Bank and there is Eddie Rockets and MacDonalds in the main shopping complex across the road. If people want to go to another Night Club there is Club 92 in the Leopardstown Races course just up the road, there is tow pubs up there and a nice little pub / restaurant called Fillies. [SE]

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