River Poddle at Donore Avenue, Dublin

Most Dubliners know that the River Poddle is culverted in Dublin's city centre and has been for a very long time. However, there are still a couple of sections where it is exposed to public (private!) view. This picture was taken at a well-known location in Dublin, Donore Avenue, just off the South Circular Road. Most Dubs are unaware that the Poddle takes this course - following its medieval diversion from the main stream at the Harold's Cross junction and continuing into Blackpitts - see more pictures. You can see this section from the 77 northbound bus if you look right before the sharp bend on Donore Avenue. If you ask permission, you can see it in the White Swan Business Centre, just off Donore Avenue.

The picture was taken in January 2007 and looks west where, I believe, the culvert continues to Cork Street before turning north to Ardee Street and into Blackpitts. The water approaches from behind the photographer.

You can download a short video of the Poddle at Donore Avenue.

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