river poddle dublin hidden culvert


River Poddle meets the River Liffey at grating/grill

The grill at water level is the spot where the River Poddle meets the River Liffey. The Poddle flows mostly underground through Dublin's medieval city centre. Less than 500 metres in the direction of the photo is Dublin Castle - the Poddle flows underneath it. This was where the rebels Red Hugh O'Donnell with Art and Shane O'Neill escaped from the Castle into the Poddle through the Castle drains (although they went south whereas this picture shows the most northerly point of the Poddle and its confluence with the Liffey.


There are four more pictures of the Poddle in the city centre; you will also find a YouTube video of the Poddle in Blackpitts, filmed in January 2007 before development work covers it for ever.

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River Poddle and Liffey, Dublin

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