The River Poddle underneath the city of Dublin's Streets


We are most grateful to our anonymous insider for these exclusive pictures of the River Poddle underneath the city of Dublin. Each image is numbered and the description is below. Please note that these pictures are copyright.

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  1. The Poddle underneath the Olympia Theatre. The branch seen in this pictures runs back to the main branch after 100 meters.
  2. Palace Street, underneath the Pedestrian Entrance of Dublin Castle. Here splits the main stream into two separate smaller but parallel running streams.
  3. Looking south to the place where the two streams come together again.
  4. Looking east to the two streams where they come together again, this is very close to the Record Tower of Dublin Castle.
  5. Part of the sewer that runs along Dublin Castle, in case of high water in the Poddle a part of the drainage flows over to this sewer through an overflow. Please note that no sewerage enters the Poddle, It's crystal clear (spring) water that runs through it.
  6. Probably the oldest part of the Poddle Culvert. The floor of this part of the culvert is paved with cobble stones.