Zones divide each Luas line and you need to know how many you cross before buying a ticket (unless you buy the Flexi- or Combi- tickets. Remember that some stations share zones; for example, Heuston mainline rail stop straddles zones Central 1 and Red 2, and you can therefore choose the least amount of zones traversed, ie., ONE zone. Museum on the Red line to Dundrum (Green line, zone Green 2 and Green 3) is TWO zones; if you went from Museum to Ballally (Green 3), you would need a ticket for THREE zones.

Trams run every 7-10 minutes during the day, with 4 minute intervals in peak times. If the tram is too crowded, then wait a few minutes for the next one.

If you have driven to a park-and-ride station, you must pay for your parking. The car parking machines are located on or near the Luas platforms but before you sprint off to get a ticket, remember the number of your parking bay (written on the ground). Current prices are 2 Euro for a half day and 4 Euro per day.

Like Irish rail and bus, Luas season tickets can be discounted against your tax if you are a regular commuter.

For tourists, Luas opens the possibilities for cheaper and accessible accommodation in Dublin's suburbs. You need to see my (free) subscriber's Newsletter site for details; for details on how to join, click here.


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