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Dublin links

  • Moving to Dublin, part of the Expat Arrivals series, provides lots of practical and useful information for those tempted to join us in the capital city.
  • A super new site on Dublin is www.dub.ie, containing loads of info about Dublin, people, markets, culture and music. Recommended.
  • www.fantasyjackpalance.com/fjp/photos Highly recommended by me! This is the photographic equivalent of my site and is packed with fascinating images. The panoramic pictures are cleverly edited and the use of thumbnail pictures saves time when downloading.
  • St Patrick's Cathedral Dublin contains a useful guide and helpful information.
  • A recent innovation from Dublin Corporation is their street cameras (in real time). Breathe those virtual fumes and soak up the congestion!
  • While I have my own web access in Dublin, I am sometimes asked about net cafes. You could try the Global internet cafe at 8 O'Connell Street or the Central Cybercafe in the south city at 6 Grafton Street. Grab their flyer from the Tourist office in St Andrew's Street and get 20% discount!
  • Planet Cyber at 13 St Andrew's Street near the Tourist office is also competitive at 5c per minute off-peak rate.


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