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Trivia have been gleaned from various sources, including Matthew Byrne's Dublin and her people (Eason & son, Dublin 1987), ISBN 900346-80-9. This excellent coffee-table book has a fascinating introduction before the actual illustrations begin.

  • Dublin's oldest workhouse closed its doors for the last time in July 1969. Based in Smithfield, the premises housed 10,037 orphan children during the one hundred and seventy years it operated.
  • None of the so-called Dublin Mountains is high enough to meet the criteria required to claim mountain status. The highest mountain completely within the county border is Seahan, being 2131 feet/650 metres above sea level. Kippure, famous for its television mast, is on the border between Counties Dublin and Wicklow.
  • According to most Dubliners, the Sugarloaf is the highest "mountain" at 1389 feet/423 metres above sea level but it is in County Wicklow!
  • In 1761 a family of itinerants from Navan [Pierce Brosnan/007's birthplace] were refused entry to Dublin. The family settled on the outskirts of the city and created the town of Rush. Two hundred and fifty years later, almost the entire population of Rush can still trace their roots back to this one family.
  • Ireland's longest running Internet publication www.bowsie.com was established in Dublin in 1994.
  • Dubliners drink a total of 9800 pints an hour between the hours of 5.30pm on a Friday and 3.00am the following Monday.
  • Dublin is Europe's most popular destination with travelling stag and hen parties. There are an estimated six hundred 'pre wedding sessions' every weekend in the capital.
  • The average 25-year-old Dubliner still lives with his/her parents preferring to spend their money on fast cars and clothes rather than a mortgage.
  • The year 2000 will be a record year for car purchase in the greater Dublin area




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