Dublin Gray Square queen Victoria coombe our lady dun laoghaire

The monument in Gray Square, The Coombe on the left and Queen Victoria monument on the right (photo () Arthur Fortune)

Arthur Fortune has very generously taken a picture of two very interesting Dublin monuments. The right-hand one may be found at the bottom of Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire (across the road from the original entrance to the rail station) and commemorates the visit of Queen Victoria's visit in 1900. It was vandalised in the 1980s but is gradually being restored. Peter Pearson's book about Dun Laoghaire notes that there is a twin of this monument in Gray Square, just off the top of the Coombe in Dublin city. The left hand picture from Arthur depicts it in its present state - the occupant is Our Lady but it formerly contained a fountain or trough (March 2003).

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