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Tony's story (part 1, page 3)

The Whistler was a man who lived on Mourne Road and it was said that he was shelled shocked in the Second World War fighting with one of the many Irish Regiments. He hated whistling because he was a gunner with an armoured regiment in the desert, and the sound of shells which have that whistling effect in the air just before they explode, as kids we would whistle at him and he would give you a great chase up and down the road. Not knowing any better, I thought it was a great game to play along with all the other kids on the road at that time, and as I got older I realised the man must have suffered terribly as did many other brave men, so I ask for his forgiveness now where ever he may be. Paddy B. was at that time an adult man of about 25 years; I, on the other hand, was about 8 years old and remember him with fondness. Paddy had a habit of coming to the front or back doors up and down the road and asking for slices of bread and jam as he was always hungry, he always had a ferocious hunger. In those days it was ok to leave your front or back door open and people would just come in a have a cup of tea. I remember our teapot it was an old black pot - it was never off the stove and the tea was wonderful well stewed ands we used real tea, not tea bags as mainly used now. Anthony Ward, Sussex 2005 [e mail Tony: click here and remove the two letters 'AT' [just before the '@' symbol] before you send it]


Tony with his wife Jacqueline on holiday in Florida, 2005

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