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Dublin, in those days, was a place of great writers such as the late Brendan Behan {1923 – 1964}, a great Irish writer and dramatist. I would later read his autobiography The Borstal Boy, based on his experiences of prison life, and the grim comic drama the Quare Fellow set in the hours preceding a prison hanging. This was excellent reading and, to this day, an insight into a literary genius. Dublin had many great characters and I wonder if any expats out there remember such diverse members of the community as Bang Bang, Johnny Forty Coats and in my neighbourhood, The Whistler and Paddy B. And lets just call the latter Paddy B. to save embarrassment to any of his family that may be still alive and happen to read this. Bang Bang (I am sure for those who remember him fondly as I do) was a man who used to stand on the platforms of buses all across Dublin, using his index finger and his thumb as a make believe gun. My Father used to tell me that it was because he adored western pictures, or as they were known in those days, cowboy films. He would shout very loudly “Bang Bang” at people and other road users as they got nearer to the platform of the bus. I often wonder to this day what happened to Bang Bang if someone out there knows please contact me on my email address on this page. Johnny Forty Coats was reputed to wear several layers of clothing all year round and could be seen on a sweltering hot day wrapped up in many overcoats - hence the name.

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