Guest sayings

Step (Dublin):

Nothing for the dumb dog = you won't get anything if you don't ask for it.


Julia (ireland):

gobshite = complete moron; can be used in an affectionate way to a friend who's done somethign stupid, or more insultingly, depending on the context. Synonyms; git, gimp, eejit.

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MEANINGS (continued)

  • wedding ring = wedding band
  • tick = credit (ie., financial credit). An old Dublin saying, probably based on the notion that you completed a form and ticked a conditional box that you would repay the money!
  • top drawer (I dedicate this one to my former student Darragh!) = describes the best, most excellent, class, etc. "He's a top drawer player"
  • Eejit = likeable fool/idiot. "He's an awful eejit..." The word for a fool in Irish is Amadan. Thanks for the clarification Don Kennedy
  • Bold = very naughty (usually said to a child. It doesn't imply courage. Irish people don't often use the word 'naughty'). "You're a very bold child".
  • Cute person = shrewd, calculating, sly, scheming, quick-witted. Many thanks to D. Kennedy for this.
  • Chissler(s) = child/children. "There's a stack of chisslers living there!"
  • Jaded = very tired, exhausted. "I'm jaded, I am..."
  • Rapid = excellent. Usually illustrated by an adjective, the least offensive and typical of which I can print is "It's bleedin' rapid!" [the 'd' is typically not heard]. Thanks to anon questionee for that one!
  • Deadly = brilliant, top drawer, etc. It doesn't mean fatal or dangerous!



  • "I'll leave you and love you..." = self explanatory and a common farewell in Leinster.
  • A funny farewell and favourite of me Da: "See you tomorrow" ANSWER - "Not if I see you first!" NEW
  • "What's d'story bud?" = How are you my friend, usually said to close friend as a warm greeting. Particulary effective when uttered wearing a pencil-line moustache and with a solitary cigarette behind the ear.Thanks to Lewis Boadle and Kat Tranter.
  • "Me oul shagogsha" = my pal or friend, me oul flower (my love my darling). This is a real old Dub saying and thanks to John Quigley for sending it.

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