Few Goods are also conveyed through Connolly, but is possible to see light engine movements to the nearby loco sheds - particularly due to loco movements to the freight yards just north of Connolly. It is often worth buying a single ticket to Tara Street, just to gain access to platforms 6 and 7 which are controlled by ticket checkers and ticket machines

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Recommended publications from Amazon (more below)

Railway Track Diagrams, no. 6: Ireland, November 1995, ISBN: 1 898319 12 X

Buy it from Amazon.co.uk

This is a really useful reference to Ireland's railways, north and south. The one major reconstruction since the book is the doubling of track [reinstatement of what was originally double track] between Clonsilla to Maynooth. A station has also been opened further down this line at Kilcock, although not on the site of the original station.

Irish Railway Collection [of the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum] Paperback (October 1993) - a bargain if you can wait 4-6 weeks for delivery!

Off the Beaten Track : Irish Railway Walks by Kevin Cronin (pay $$$) (hardback) or (paperback) (October 2001) [from the release notes]: This guide to walking the old railroad tracks of Ireland takes ramblers, travelers, and walking enthusiasts through some of the most beautiful terrain known to man. The 20 line routes provided cover the entire country and comprise 40 distinct and interesting walks. Each contains a brief history of the line, walking maps, information on transportation to and from the site, and listings of restaurants, inns, and pubs along the route.

Irish Rail's InterCity fleet is still locomotive hauled to a large extent - all engines were supplied by General Motors. However, there is an increasing use of DMU stock. The best place to get a taste of the variety of Dublin's rail services is Connolly Station. It is usually possible to access platform 2 without having to buy a ticket, and you can see the Dublin - Belfast 'Enterprise' services, hauled by special-liveried class 201 locos. The InterCity services to Rosslaire and Sligo also leave from Connolly; usually hauled by 071 or 141/181 locos. There is an increasing suburban service going to Dundalk (loco hauled and DMU), Maynooth/Mullingar and one train each way to Arklow. Most DART services also pass through Connolly and the north end of the station can become very busy, particularly during the morning and evening peak (around 0730-0930 and 1630-1845).


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