For those fans of Irish Whiskey amongst you, a visit to Jamiesons is compulsory! It's not easy to find and the visitor centre is located on Bow Street [see Map section B] in Dublin's Smithfield which is just off the north quays [get the Luas Red line or any bus going along either quay will do]. The distillery has been there for many years and is near the heart of Dublin's northside medieval centre. Also nearby are St. Michan's churchand Smithfield - some good pubs here

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O'Donohue's pub on Merrion Row is well-known by Dubliners, but not so easy to find. It has maintained its traditional character (including its family name unlike many Irish pubs which have gone down the 'Slug & lettuce' route) and its frontage is famous. Merrion Row is just off St. Stephen's Green; if you are at the Shelbourne Hotel walk south-west away from the Green (go with the traffic flow) and that is Merrion Row. O'Donohue's has a lively music session at weekends from about 9pm (2100).

Mulligan's of Poolbeg Street is a very old establishment, existing in the time of James Joyce and mentioned in Ulysses (I suppose that's a recommendation!). It has a wonderful exterior and has not changed too much during the years. However, it is not trendy but, on the other hand, you won't find many tourists venturing that far east.


This system is common throughout the whole of our island, and whenever you're in a pub you'll probably hear the words "your round, Name [usually male but not exclusively so]". When the Irish drink, they invariably do so with friends and each person takes a turn to buy drinks for the whole group [ie, a 'round']. This is fine where there are only three or four people drinking, but round can often consist of many varied drinks. Being Irish, it is a grave insult to try to skip your turn and it rarely happens. The same level of generosity is often displayed when friends meet and there are usually several offers for the first round since the generous by nature. Never meet up with friends and squabble about who bought the drinks last weekend - life's too short!



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