The hidden drink...?

Ireland's most famous beverage is, of course, Guinness. However, most people drink pints from the key on draught. The older generation still drink Guinness in bottles as well as on tap, and it is worth a try. It's not so heavy (for first timers) and has a wonderful taste of the famous hops! The mature generation in Ireland look very poorly upon Guinness's recent drive to make the pints colder.

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I had resisted including the International Bar on Wicklow Street but Huib Zegers has persuaded me otherwise. I'm very happy for him to explain: "I think in the Hidden Pubs section you could make a reference to the not so hidden, International Bar in Wicklow Street. Although the price of a pint of Guinness has risen there to 2,60, the interior is exceptional nice and well worth a visit. Sometimes they stage a lunchtime play in the lounge and once a week stand up comedians perform in the 'Comedy Cellar' (upstairs!)." Thanks Huib! The pub was owned by M. O'Donohue and features in Joyce's Ulysses.

My Greek friend Vangelis kindly sent the following report about the Old Stand in Exchequer Street (between George's St and Grafton Street - a continuation of Wicklow St): "A great, warm and friendly atmosphere, the barman, a 60+ gentleman, is very polite, the customers very friendly, and the pub food very good - I rate it 9 out of 10!" (October 2002)

A gem of a bar which I visited recently (June 2002) is Peter's pub on South William's Street, very near the top of Grafton Street. This oasis is off the tourist trail and a genuine Dublin bar, frequented mainly by Dubs. A pint of Guinness is not only cheapest but served with the traditional shamrock in its head (the white cream-coloured top of a Guinness). Service is excellent and the coffee is recommended for non-drinkers. The toilets were really clean and don't forget to admire the genuine Jameson whisky mirror. Directions: the easiest way is to walk to the top of Grafton Street where it meets the Green, turn right into King's Street. Walk to the 'T' junction at the other end of the street past the Gaiety Theatre and turn right. Peter's pub is a short distance on the right-hand side of South Williams Street. If you walk past the Metro Cafe you've passed it! (10.06.02)

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