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Dear friends,

I hope you are well and enjoying life to its best. The weather has improved after an awful amount of the wet stuff - we got drenched on a recent cycle in the Wicklow mountains. It's not called the 'Emerald Isle' for nothing! Enjoy the Newsletter and do let me know what you think of content and layout. Please send your experiences of Irish accommodation for inclusion in the 'subscribers' only' pages - Rich's comments are extremely revealing if you haven't already read them.


The pub *without* attitude

I'm delighted to report on a happy drinking story following last month's negative piece. Recently I rediscovered a pub where I would occasionally drink in Dublin's city centre - it's now an oasis in the middle of a mad, vibrant, young and thriving city. I have written a short report in the 'Hidden pub' section of the site but thought I might share a little more information with you. Peter's pub is clean, genuinely appealing (no fake brewery fare here), has excellent service and is patronised by locals - always a good sign. It is not protected by 'security' in the evenings (although I would recommend an afternoon visit) and has the usual range of Irish and imported drinks. Coffees are good quality too and snacks are available. It is situated in an area of the city which is being quietly regenerated after years of neglect - it is still home to Dublin's 'Rag' trade. Best of all, this pub has 'soul', that is, it is not fake, it is filled with a mix of people and it does not attempt to extract as much money as possible from you in as short an amount of time as possible!


Sue is a regular visitor to Ireland and knows the range of accommodation available:

"Last year we stayed at Wynn's Hotel on Lower Abbey Street [ww.wynnshotel.ie] and liked it very much. Maybe not as modern as some but at the rates then with breakfast included and a great location we were very pleased."

Richard again:

"We stayed at the Adams Trinity Hotel. Its location was perfect as it is located across the street from Temple Bar, and was about 20 yards from the Stag's Head (the mosaic of the stag's head on the sidewalk is in front of the hotel's bar). I would highly recommend to anyone staying at this hotel."

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