Entertainment: Traditional music

Walton's Music school in Dublin's south city, offer crash courses in bodhrán and tin whistle and Intensive Lessons in most traditional instruments to natives and tourists alike. Why not consider a week in Dublin with some traditional music lessons combined with a great city break? NEW

For an unusual musical experience, you can now stay at the retail home of traditional music in Dublin, Walton's music shop! This beautiful Georgian building is their original HQ and 10 minutes walk to O'Connell Bridge. Check their website for special offers.

If you want to receive regular updates on various gigs in Dublin, www.musiclee.ie is an absolute must. Paul Lee's site includes a link to subscribe to his excellent newsletter which gives the low-down on trad and classical gigs in Dublin (and other cultural events such as plays).Did you know the Holiday Inn in Pearse Street held gigs - I certainly didn't. Join Paul's free listing service to find out more.



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