Do you have a website or blog [minimum GooglePR 2] and want to have reciprocal links with mine?

I’m looking for quality reciprocal links for my website but am non-profit and can’t offer money. However, a link from my site might be mutually beneficial since I’m currently rated GooglePR Page Rank 4 and I receive a wide variety of visitors. If we agree to link, I will upload your within 5 days

To avoid timewasters the following conditions apply;

• Your Google PageRank must be a minimum 2

• Your site content must be related in nature to mine, eg., travel,, culture, accommodation, etc, from anywhere in the world but not “Adult”, $exual etc

• If I agree, I will upload your link within 5 days and then request a link from your site

• If my link does not appear on your site within 7 days, I will remove your link

• If you can’t upload my link within 7 days, don’t bother applying

• Blog links accepted if you meet conditions


To apply see here this form.




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