Irish job visas and applying for work

Many people take a holiday in Ireland and then wonder if it would be possible to live and work here. In the days of economic boom (known as the Celtic Tiger), it was relatively easy to get work, even if you were not a citizen of the European Union/Community. However, since 2008 and severe economic decline in Ireland, it has become very challenging. However, there are some ways to get a job in Ireland and Morgen Schuler very kindly supplies the following great advice and guidelines:

Some suggestions on getting a work visa for the Republic of Ireland:

  1. Being under 30 is an asset
  2. If you have a master's degree or higher that's also an asset
  3. You may have to take an exam that equates your current degree acquired in the US with the degrees given in the EU.
  4. It's a great deal easier to get a visa if you already have a job offer from an Irish company.
  5. You can get a casual work visa if you're a student currently in Ireland or on a holiday work visa.

At present it looks like there's no visa if you don't have a job offer and want to go over to look for a job. It's extrememly difficult to acquire a job from outside the Republic without an offer or promise of an appointment.

While some people take advantage of the 90 day non-visa holiday pass and find a job while they're there, this can create major problems if and when they want to apply for a proper job and is not recommended (if you happen to become ill and need medical care, it will also cause serious problems).

I'm in the IT field so i'm definitely in a "needed" field according to the Dept. of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment.  However, this article does not bode well:

Good luck!

Morgen Schuler



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