Wanted: Couples for RTE Show

What makes a good night out in Ireland?

There is no short answer to this one – everyone, whether Irish or not, is going to have their own idea. For quite a few, it would involve ‘taking drink’ which means that your night out will spend some time in one of our fine public houses. It does not necessarily imply that a good night out means getting drunk, not least since you might not be able to remember the best parts of you night out. Personally, I like having a few drinks in a bar where it is not too busy or noisy, and where the company is good. The company could mean my friends, or even chatting to people in the bar.

There are many other ‘night time’ activities which often appeal – a visit to the cinema or theatre (our cities have some great theatre, and you can often get some fantastic shows in local community centres). Sometimes the larger cities offer something unusual, such as Dublin Bus’s Ghost Tours, or a Dublin by Night tour.

The city also has many clubs and societies that offer more dedicated entertainment; for example salsa dancing is becoming popular and many regard dancing as a very civilized way of spending a few evening hours.

Cultural events often appeal to visitors, such as an evening musical concert in St Patrick’s Cathedral, The Pro Cathedral or Christ Church Cathedral.

Of course many people visit the off-licence (or supermarket), buy a barrel load of booze and sit at home getting fluthered – although there is not a large amount of originality in that concept!

Do you know what makes a great night out in Ireland, and do you live in Ireland? RTE have written asking for couples and pairs (friends, colleagues, etc.) in every Irish city to take part in "Six In The City", an RTÉ television show. The pair will showcase the best that their city has to offer in terms of dining, socialising, events and activities.

Participants in the show get the chance to show off the best of their city's social life, and they will also get to visit two other Irish cities for great nights out, all expenses paid.

The most successful pair in hosting a great night out, as voted for by the others taking part, will win a 1,000 euro city break to the European destination of their choice; please click here for more details.

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