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  • A pint of Guinness in Dublin can cost as much as 6 Euro or as little as 4.20 Euro depending on where you drink. The Radisson St Helens Hotel in Stillorgan sells the dearest pint in Ireland.
  • Dubliners are famous for their generosity with drink - they are more likely to buy a stranger a drink than locals from any other country in Ireland.


Q1. The 'hot press' is the airing cupboard, where the immersion heater dries the clothes.

Q2. If you had a 'bit of a dose', you would have a cold or perhaps the 'flu.

Q3. A ''gas man' or a 'gas woman' is someone who is very funny and witty!

Q4. If things are going well for you, you might say "Ah, things are grand".

Q5. The "jacks" is another name for the urinal, w.c, toilet, etc

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